What is Truth?  

There are literally thousands of differing groups and billions of individuals in the world today, all calling themselves Christian, all claiming to have the Truth, all trying to convince you of the Truth.  But an oxymoronic question we pose:  What Truth is True?  If all claim to have the Truth, and yet all are in disagreement concerning the Truth, then which or what is the True Truth that we should believe?  After all, is not our very salvation at stake and such salvation hinges upon believing the True Truth?  We see then that this is a very serious question with eternal implications!

For in search of Truth is why this website exists. It is not our goal to convince you of our conclusions, but only to state our conclusions.  We are not trying to save you with our own brand of the Truth, but to give you as has been given unto us, for you then to decide. 

And so we ask of you, take a journey with us.  A journey in search of the Truth.  This journey will require a few things of you:

  • You must be willing to believe that the Bible is the written Word of God and that He would not leave us helpless without a witness to the true Truth.

  • You must be open minded enough to realize that everything that you have been taught may not necessarily be the Truth at all or you may have been taught partially in the Truth.

  • You must be strong enough to admit error if so be that you may just be proven wrong concerning your long held doctrines and beliefs.  Strong enough to repent.​  Even we shall continually update this website so as to always be conforming to the Truth as it is being revealed.  The scriptures teach us to prove all things.  Once proving Truth, one cannot then disprove it, but the Lord may make additions to the Truth one has already proven as True.  Even we may be only partial in the Truth on certain Biblical subjects.  We are all learners.  God works with learners, not to those who are the know-it-alls who have stopped learning and are in need of nothing.

  • You must come out of your comfort zone.  To get uncomfortable enough to allow the True Holy Spirit to work with you.

  • You must come to the realization that Satan has deceived the whole world and until the Elohim calls you out of the religious confusion of our day, you will continue in your deception.  Deceived and being deceived.  

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